Diamonds = Romance?

The latest in a long list of things I don't like - diamond commercials. All of them are centered around romantic love. Are they implying that because I am not in love with someone, I don't need/want/deserve diamonds? Moreover, all of the commercials involve a man giving a woman the diamond. I don't really see myself giving a man a diamond, but I might want to buy myself something pretty. Or what about parents buying something for their daughter? I can't remember a diamond advertisement that didn't involve the romance between a man and a woman.

Why don't they market the right hand ring? Plenty of successful women are single, but they (we) can still show some bling. A giant diamond does not have to mean that a man bought it for me because he loves me. I guess my answer to my question is that women know the value of a diamond and don't need an advertisement to tell them about it. at least i'll keep telling myself that when i want to vomit at another cheesy engagement ring commercial.

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