This is what we talk about on a regular basis....

So tonight M and i were having a talk on the ever popular gchat. And i thought it would only be appropriate to show you a little glimpse of who we are.

M: i dont mind having sex with him but i'm still on the fence about pretending to like the other stuff
R: at least it isnt huge
M: yeah i hope it's not teeny though
R: to be honest... smaller is WAY better for the blow job i mean ... if it was only like an inch.. that would be a BREEZE like a lifesaver candy or something but i think G- is average.. to be honest i give him 5.5 " which by the way... at the risk of sounding creepy.. you have to tell me a size estimate when you get back
M: hahahah i will try to give a size estimate i think he'll be average. not super small. but smallER. i just dont know how to handle it
R: ha hahaha... you will be fine, L always says, sex is like pizza... even when its bad, its still good
M: but girls dont have to be "good" i dont think
R: we dont... i talked to w and he was like... lay there you will be fine - we dont expect a porn star hah hahaa.. in fact 2 guys were talking about this last night they were like.... everytime you get a new piece of pussy it is the best because it is new
M: weird and gross at the same time
R: and you are just so happy they wanted to sleep with you and you re having sex... i think its really strange
M: so guys just want to have sex with you and hopefully you feel something too?
R: but it validates that we can be terrible... and we are by default fine... they were like.... to be honest.. we really are just so happy you let us have sex with you - isnt that sad?!?!?!
M: that's so sad... guys are pathetic... is that why the really pathetic ones keep girlfriends?
R: probably... no! there was an ugly kid in our class and he broke up with his girlfriend and he was like... she was so dumb, so we asked why he dated her... and he was like...."i liked having sex" sooo.... yeah
M: so they date girls to keep having sex if they think they cant get it elsewhere or dont want to put effort into finding it
R: with the most attactive women they think they can get .... which is why i am only going to date men over 30
M: hahahahhahaha
R: i need to have the young card to up my hotness with my age
M: you are the best they can get
R: exactly! because i am young enough to just be hot by being younger than all their friends girls ha haha so they will be like... she may have a big ass.. but it's higher than my friend's girlfriend
strategy and it will be true FOREVER
M: i like where your head is
R: im a thinker im telling you... the older you can stand them.... the better
M: it's just hard to get to know the older ones well enough to like them....i'm still not physically old enough yet hahahhaha i mean i'm still not physically attracted to the older ones yet

And that is why we dont get a second date.... i mean really though... i think all of that is completely valid logic!!! Thoughts? Are we anywhere on target??

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Complicated Mama said...

You girls remind me so much of my single days... this convo could have been verbatim me and my friend Amy. For real!

Yes you are on target ... guys are strange...and even when you find the one to settle down with...they're still strange. lol