Why i dont date: part one

I am usually incredibly happy being single. I enjoy my life, i work hard and i have a lot of fun.
But every once in a while i question myself and my singledom. The last time this happened i took some advice from my relationship loving friends. this was a terrible idea. They told me i had to start dating more. The next time someone asked me out just go. What is the harm? Well i found out. I was checking my mail at my apartment complex when a guy asked me if i could help him with some directions... the whole im new in town. So we start chatting and and eventually he asks for my number/ asks me out. While my gut was telling me... he's not your type, my friends advice ringing in my ear i agreed. First bad move... going out with someone who lives 4 doors down. So i went to dinner. He was polite, friendly, and paid for my meal. But there was no chemistry.
So he dropped me off, we awkward hugged and that was it.
Now the next part is my fault completely. Instead of being mature and telling him i did not want to go out with him again, i thought i would avoid. So he calls and calls and calls... i sent a couple of texts saying i was busy and hoped he would get the picture...
Well about 2 weeks after our ONE DATE... he calls and leaves a voice mail all angry saying "i thought we had a good time, i guess i was wrong" and hangs up.
Then i run into him at the mailbox and he glares and runs away. Seriously! WTF... its not like a broke off an engagement. One date. It didnt work out and now i have to sneak out my door everytime i want to walk to my car.
And that.... is why i dont date.

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