the ex engagement

I got a text message from R one afternoon that said "_____ just got engaged. I might jump off a bridge." _____ was R's high school love and she was convinced they were destined to be together. We all have one (or two or three) of those. And even when you haven't talked to that boy for several years and even when you know he's been dating someone seriously, it still feels like a knife to the heart when you hear the news.

A few months later, I was able to fully understand what she meant. One of my boyfriends (for lack of a better word) in college had gotten engaged. And this one hurt even worse because he had cheated on me with the girl he was engaged to. He cheated on me with her IN FRONT OF me. While that incident did involve a lot of alcohol, it still happened and it was still painful.

Aside from the bitter jealousy that they found happiness before us, we are still left with the realization that we're old enough to be getting married. It's not weird anymore. We're not too young. In fact, it's kinda normal and expected to start getting engaged. So where does that leave us? With several bottles of wine.


JP Seabury said...

Bleh, don't rush it.

Trust me, you're going to have NO TROUBLE landing Him, once you've found the "right one".

--josh-- said...

FYI... you aren't going to marry a boy. You'll date a bunch of boys, but you won't marry one.

You're going to marry a man.

Complicated Mama said...

Dont rush it girls... although I know the feeling all too well.

Little confession as a married woman myself, even after your married... and you hear ab that one or 2 or 3 Ex's..... it still feels like a knife in your heart for a minute.

Just a few months ago I was in the hospital cafeteria while my stepdad was having surgery,.... and in walked my EX with his new father in law.... they were there welcoming his new baby! ... for a mila second I felt "ouch!" .. then my mom reminded me how much luckier I am now...and then I felt bad for the world that there are now offspring of him out there lol jk jk