middle school boys suck

I talked to my mom today and she was full of hometown gossip. Apparently one of the guys I grew up with is engaged. Normally I would just roll my eyes and bitch about it. But this guy is different. He single-handedly scarred me for life. I can blame two guys for my destructive relationship behavior. This is one of them. He was a spoiled brat and a huge jerk. Even in elementary school. But we went to the same school, pool, our parents were friends, etc... When we were in 7th grade, we were hanging out at the pool and he looked me dead in the eyes with a strait face, and said "No one will ever love you because you're fat." If that doesnt hurt a middle school aged girl, I dont know what does. I'm not fat now, and I wasn't fat then. But I can still hear his voice and every time I'm rejected by a boy, I think it's because of my weight. I was very insecure in my younger years. I'm a lot over that now, but that moment is one I will never forget. And when I heard he was engaged, I just thought "Poor girl. I hope she knows what she's getting into."

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hi, i found your blog from twitter, and wanted to add your awesome blog as one i'm following... (plus i saw "stilettos" in the blog name and that ALWAYS does it LOL)...

i'm trying to blog more often, and it's just not happening as much as i'd like, but i'm working on travel pics first...

thanks for some great reading!