Reasons we are still single.

There will be so many times were we question why we are single... but then i come across messages we have sent each other, and it gets a little clearer. So to start things off... here is reason number one.

1. maybe i also have female sexual arousal disorder - which used to called frigidity... frigid?? maybe that's because 95% of men suck and don't know what they're doing

Basically this blog is the stuff you talk about only with your best friend... my best friend and i just decided to make it public.... because we really are that ridiculous and some of our stories need to be heard.
Stories, quotes and other topics of interest will be discussed as we see fit.

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Corine said...

Great blog for the singletons of the world :) Reading all this reminds me of when I was single (and although that statement sounded old... im really not actually lol)

Funny enough, my friend and I always sat around saying "why are we single"... and no joke- in the blink of an eye.. we suddenly werent anymore... and only in hindsight can you realize how much fun being single really is. (not that being married isnt... but, well you get what Im saying lol)

Anyway.. take it from this 20-something no-longer-single gal... Have fun with it, you're making memories you'll laugh about for a life time... and you'll be married with 2 kids before you know it! :)