The Brit: Part 2

So i mentioned the brit back in the beginning.
He was the out of town gentleman i was clicking with before i fell down a flight of stairs. So anyways.. i thought i would update that story... You would think that would be the end of it. He would go back to England and i would go back to my life. But this is my life.. so of course it can't be predictable.
We have entered into this weird online relationship where we talk frequently and flirt (thorugh emails?) and there are talks of visits. He wants to fly over there, and he has started talking about coming to see me within a coupe months. Is this normal?! Has anyone ever done this before? How does this work? Basically i need help!


horny guy said...

that sounds creepy.. its like he's coming over for a booty call.

Michael said...

I know you guys clicked in real life, but you might consider being more reserved with him online. Online relationships are just... different. There are studies about how people are less reserved, less inhibited, etc., etc. online and that it doesn't translate to in-person communications. You guys could end up being more open in your online relationship, then find yourselves disappointed if he comes back to visit again.

Many years ago I found this article on the Online Disinhibition Effect. It gets a bit wordy, but it's an interesting read. Bottom line is that people change online and that the way you clicked in real life may not be the way things go in the future if you move forward with an online relationship.

Regardless, best of luck to you, and get back to posting already!