Where the F*ck is There?

So i was talking to a friend the other day who has extremely poor luck with men. Basically she is 23 years old, and has never kissed a boy. She isnt in some weird religion, or 300lbs and she doesnt have any deformities. She is the kind of girl that teenage boys would ignore when we were 14, but also would never make fun of. She's absolutely 100% normal. okay maybe not "normal" but there's nothing so repulsive about her to prevent a guy from being interested. So whats the problem?!?!?!
People say "you have to put yourself out there" But quite frankly, that is the most unhelpful fucking annoying advice. WHERE IS THERE? Where is this magical land of single people where are the wonderful men are lurking? I mean that bullshit logic goes right along with "it will happen when you least expect it!" The type of advice given by those friends who are serial monogomists. sigh. Anyone who says to put yourself out there is ALREADY IN A RELATIONSHIP. but you ask them how they did it, it never involves this mythical "there." The person who gives this advice probably started dating their husband at 16 and were married at 22. I can't exactly go back to high school to meet a guy. And what is with all the mixed messages. Put yourself out there seems to contradict it will happen when you least expect it. How am I supposed to go about living my life not expecting to meet someone but simultaneously be present "out there" to meet this person i am not expecting to meet. I should probably just say "fuck it" and stop talking about my lack of a relationship to my happiliy committed friends. They obviously have some quality that I do not yet possess. I have personally made peace with my singledom and am currently enjoying the adventure of being young and single. But my dear poor friend has hit a road block. And since i am not qualified to offer anyone tips on men.... i just offer her another glass of wine and hope that someday, she'll drink enough that she grabs the closest male and takes control.

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