B-O-B round 1

My freshman year of college was when most of the ridiculously embarrassing i'm-inept-at-dating/sex/love stories started. I met a guy, Bob, at an underage club (hot right?) and he went to my college, so it seemed safe enough right? He kissed me at the bar, but it was the first week of college and I wasn't sure what you were supposed to do next. So I went home with my girls instead of the cute guy.

Flashfoward a few weeks and I ran into Bob at a party. This time I was better prepared for what happens when you're young, drunk, and attracted to someone. I went back to Bob's dorm room - after several drinks i might add. He add a top bunk and things started happening and ... i knocked him off the bed and he hit his head on the radiator. He was on the floor unconscious. I slapped his cheeks a few times, yelled his name. soooooooo I snuck out of the room and went home. But it gets worse, because it always does. Turns out Bob was the brother of one of my new college friends. Bob had gotten a slight concussion and never wanted to see me again.

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