The Top 5 Creepiest Pick Up Lines!

Sometimes it's not about the men we're attracted to - it's about the men attracted to us. I take full responsibility for being a dumbass with men. But there are times when we've been hit on where we did absolutely nothing wrong. Here is a compilation of the top 5 worst pick-up lines used on us. All of these really did happen. We couldn't make up gold like this.
5. "If you come to Michigan with me, I'll buy all of your alcohol" That one made me wonder if i actually look like an alcoholic. "

4. "I like your breasts, you keep them up well!" - He was 40. Evidentally men think we love our breasts as much as they do.

3. "I've been watching you for a few days now." Now if that doesn't frighten you i dont know what would!!!!

2. "We should breed and form a master race" I just laughed and asked Why?!?! I guess i was his type!
1. ""Will you come to the bathroom with me so I can masturbate to your boobs?"- What would you do if i said yes?
What is the worst pickup line YOU'VE ever heard used!?

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--josh-- said...

As regards #1 on your list, my guess would be that wasn't actually a pick-up line; he really wanted specifically what he asked for. And a good rule of thumb in life is, if you want something, find the person who can give it to you and ask them for it.

So what are good pick-up lines? Married guys too old to hang out in bars want to know. For sociological reasons, obviously...