Unlikely Celebrity Sex Symbols

In one of our many why-we-aren't-in-relationships conversations, R and I started talking about our childhood celebrity crushes. When I was growing up, most girls my age were into Prince William, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, New Kids on the Block, Zack Morris, Leo DiCaprio, N Sync, and the list goes on. Some of my friends were mature enough to find George Clooney and Tom Cruise appealing. But not me. When I was in 5th grade and we would have sleepovers, I would pretend that my boyfriend was Jim Carrey. I can't really explain the attraction. He's really funny and good-looking (?). Dumb and Dumber is still my all time favorite movie. There was just something about him. R didn't back me up on my love for Jim. But interestingly enough, she was attracted to Mike O'Malley from GUTS. Did ANYONE find Mike O'Malley attractive? I think she even watched whatever sitcom he was on recently because she STILL thought he was cute. Jim Carrey and Mike O'Malley made us wonder if our celebrity crushes had any deeper psychological value as to why we're perpetually single. But then we stopped thinking and went to a bar. Until ---

R had a sex dream about an unlikely man. Neil Patrick Harris, of How I Met Your Mother and Doogie Howser fame. It didn't seem that weird at first since we're fans of HIMYM. But this was a really dirty dream. And then about a week later, an article in People Magazine ran were Neil Patrick Harris declared that he was a "proud, gay man." Only the sex dreams didn't stop there. R has had multiple dreams about this man. And from I understand, the dreams are pretty good. The latest celebrity that I want to pillage me is Vampire Bill from True Blood. Damn he's sexy. I would totally let him bite me. So do any of you have sex dreams about celebrities who aren't exactly sex symbol status? Is this normal?


Mrs Mo said...

OMG, I'd have a sex dream about NPH anyday! He's so cute! But anyway, I've mostly lusted for the lusty type. I was all about Keanu in '94 and Hugh Grant ever since Four Weddings. But when I was even younger than '94, I had the hots for Harrison Ford. He's too old for me now, but he was definitely it for me. Now I just jump around. Daniel Craig is doing it for me now!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree! NPH is super hot! Keep writing can't wait to see what else you have coming!

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